I have truly enjoyed reading your piece. Your insights were very piercing and unapologetic I also thoroughly enjoy how your piece firmly stands in your Blackness.

This is why I found your response to the comment by the white person rather puzzling. You had an almost apologetic tone to the nonsense they wrote (they surmised that the issues you raised is about everything else but race).

Thanks Marley, you are correct, bringing up his feelings is a cop-out. This is another example of why imma roll with you till the wheels fall off this thing (which it won't cos ours is a righteous fight), your commitment to our collective liberation is inspiring.

Hopefully Black/African people in the Western Hemisphere understand that when they say "rule of law", they mean white. When they say "american flag", they mean white. When they say "our" country, we aren't included. Listening to people pontificate about the police annoyed me to bits considering my people are still dying from police evil shit.

Dennis I

African Economist

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