As usual Marley, another amazing article that inspires us Black people to critique ourselves and how we live our lives.

Since the terrible murder of Sarah Everard by a police officer in London/Kent, the following insightful posts and tweets have been put out by Black people in the U.K.

tweets by @narcography: “Ngl it’s painful watching white people’s two days of protesting incite real conversations about police brutality and the imagery to come out of it be considered powerful enough to make points. I can’t believe how much the entire world gaslights Black people. And to make matters worse, being a Black woman and completely identifying with the issues that have sparked this recent outrage but also knowing that if…

Recently — Edinson Cavani — an Uruguayan Footballer (soccer player in American parlance), who plays for Manchester United Football Club in England was fined £100,000 and banned for three games — by the English football’s governing body — for referencing race in a social media post.

Here comes the backstory. Cavani, a new arrival to English football and presumably the English language, scored the match winner in a recent Manchester United game. Fans from all over the world were ecstatic. Edinson Cavani was euphoric. He went on social media after the game, responding to messages from fans and friends. One…

Dennis I

Black-British Economist

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